Minimalism Series: Makeup Collection

I like to think that I’m a Minimalist, It says so on my Instagram bio so it must be true. So I decided that I would create a series of posts documenting my journey with minimalism and my love for organization porn.

 It’s been almost five months since I’ve moved and I’m just now settling in and figuring out my space, which means I’ve been reevaluating some of the things I own. Because I live in a studio apartment under 400 sq. feet, I’m forced to optimize my space, by either getting reaaaaally good at “Tetris-ing” my belongings, or getting rid of things I don’t need.

On the weekends I tend to do the most of my organizing and deep cleaning. Today I purchased a white container from At Home ($3.99and decided that whatever makeup didn’t fit in that box didn’t belong. I should also mention that I am a bit obsessed with fitting all my belongings into tiny spaces, which could explain why I love living in a studio apartment so much. 

The pictures above is the final result of my cleansing. I broke it down to my absolute makeup essentials and I’ve made a promise to myself that I would use up a product before I replace it with something new. 

Here is a comprehensive list:


  • IT Cosmetics CC+ cream 
  • Glossier Priming moisturizer 
  • Glossier “Boy Brow”
  • ColourPop ”Brow Boss“ 
  • Fenty Beauty Duo Highlighter in “Mean Money” & “Hu$tla Baby”
  • Tarte Shape Tape
  • Glossier Cloud Paint 
  • Urban Decay “All Nighter” makeup setting spray


I reduced my eyeshadow palette clutter by getting a “Z” Palette from Ulta ($20). A moment of silence for every shadow that burst into its natural elements the moment I tried to pry it out of its pan. Another moment of silence for my carpet which now has red pigment all over it. 


  • Colourpop Lippie stix in “Goal Digger” & “Day Dream”
  • Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in “Mama” 
  • Wet n Wild Lip Gloss (random but ok somehow still keeping this?)
  • Milani Amore Matte in “Covet” 
  • Milani Matte Lipstick in “Matte Romance” 
  • Revlon Lipgloss in “HD Desert” 

And that was my entire makeup collection! the more time I had to take to read the products and type them out, the more I realized how pointless this was… so I’m going to end this. 


*Next week I go through my wardrobe

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