Laos in the House: Sukapop Sap! Project

Sukapop Sap! is a a digital online project to share stories and celebrate the foods created by the Lao community during their immigration and resettlement journey. 

"Sukapop Sap" loosely translates into Lao as "delicious health" highlighting dishes from those created in refugee camps to remixed recipes with Lao & American ingredients. 

Role: Illustration

I was asked to create social media content for instagram and facebook to promote this event. My goal was to highlight the essence of lao culture: the bonding of ones family and friends through food, using bright and cheerful illustrations that would appeal to not only the older generations, but to draw interest in the younger generations to partake in community events and to learn about their culture. 

Fruits, Herbs, and Veggie Posters

I created three 12x18 posters and matching 4x6 memory cards featuring herbs, fruits and vegetables common in Lao cuisine.

It was important to not only illustrate the food in a way that was simplistic and easy to identify, but also design them to contain corresponding English and Lao names, along with the Lao pronunciations so that it would allow the customer to brush up on their Lao as they cook or grocery shop.

Using Format