The Stitched Wytch

The Stitched Wytch is a slow fashion brand that turns recycled fabrics into modern garments, with a vintage touch. Each item is handmade or upcycled so results vary for a truly one of a kind experience and product. Mixing the natural and mystical, The Stitched Wytch creates stunning garments from unwanted materials to give them a new life, Pure stitchcraft.

Role: Branding

I started off with sketches of hands threading a needle, iconography that was similar to tarot reading card illustrations. I went with a serif font that would compliment the imagery and match the vintage nature of the brand. 

The Stitched Wytch uses natural materials to create their garments so the color palette reflects that. only warm colors were selected to mimic those that can be found in nature. 

Using Format